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Milis Paket Sistemi (MPS) Advanced Commands

2017-04-02 3:16 PM     MPS Packages System

API Parametreler

The Milis Package System (MPS) is Bash-based and modularly designed. So there is an independent module that performs each function and one module can be used to develop other modules. These modules are called recursively using the parameters stored in the system. The parameters calling the modules are called “API Parameters” and are separated from the end user parameters as they start with a hyphen. You can also use these parameters for advanced use or for debugging purposes.

below you can see commands and usages:

it updates binary package repo(index):

$ mps -G

it updates talimatname(ports) from git server(github at now):

$ mps -GG

it install a package with its depends:

$ mps kur package_name

it uninstall a package(only target package not depends):

$ mps sil package_name

it updates a package:

$ mps -g package_name

it updates a package with its depends:

$ mps -go package_name

ir uninstall package and depends with asking (for uninstalling desktop or block programs):

$ mps -S package_name

it install a local package without depends:

$ mps -k package_name.mps.lz

it shows installed packages list:

$ mps -kl

it shows a package is installed (kurulu=installed,degil=not installed):

$ mps -kk package_name

it compiles and packes a package without depends:

$ mps -d package_name

it compiles and packes a package with depends:

$ mps -derle package_name

automatic compiling,packing, installs a package from source with a chain compiling:

$ mps odkp package_name

it finds a file which installed programs includes it:

$ mps -hp file_for_find