Milis Linux Git Depo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Milis Linux ? Why we need to create it ?

Milis Linux (Milli İşletim Sistemi – National Operating System Project) is a project initiated due inadequate developments of the local desktop operating systems in our country. It’s completely a community based project. It’s created using LFS (Linux From Stratch) principles and it has very own package system and original tools.

National Operating System ? What do you mean ?

The Milis Project uses Linux as it’s kernel and based on other opensource and free software components which created by native and foreign developers. In that case there is no thing as national software. But we handle that as different sight. In our opinion if we work on free software projects, we can break the consumer culture in our country on software field. So, our country will gain more freedom in technology and economics. It depends on our works and we believe that it’s our national service as voting, joining army, etc.

You crafting for whom ?

In summary, we crafting it for any citizen in our country but it not limited to they !

We’re targeted to be easy to use, pretty and stable operating system distro by integrating most liked features in another GNU/Linux distro with our original software projects. We mainly design it for needs of our country but it should be usable for anyone in the world. We want to our children meet free software first and our young developers develops their software projects on it, home and commercial users work safely using it.

What is mean of word “Milis” ?

In TDK Sözlük (Dictionary of Turkish Language Institution) “Milis” has these means:

a) 1. Fr. milice  Armed people that help army in war.

2. Fr. milice  Vice security force in some countries.

b) Bee (in some dialect in Turkey)

c) Fr. milice Volunteer soldier

Name of our project is “Milis” that abbreviation of  Milli İşletim Sistemi. It can also be used as an abbreviation of Milli İstiklâl (national independence) or  Milli İstikbâl (future of the nation). It doesn’t have any other mean related with army.

Why codename of Milis Linux 1.0 is “Atilla” ?

Milis Linux will use name of famous Turkish scientists and leaders as its codename.

We choose “Atilla” for our first version. Atilla is famous leader of Hunnic Empire. He changed the ethnical and political face of Europa with a driving force. We want to change software depence of our country with same soul and start age of free software.

Why you build it from scratch ? What’s wrong with major distributions ?

If you search for background ideas of major distros and operating systems, you see that same things basically; complete the lacks of current ones and build the better one. We use different GNU/Linux distros (we also try other *NIX based OS’es and use W*ndows for reason 🙂 ) for years and discovered some lacks on major ones. Sure, we can patch them but we believe that it’s hardest, most complicated and strictest way to fix it. Because of it, we build the simple system from scratch to work on it. We focused on simplicity and  authenticity to solve problems of the major distros. It improved slowly but more stable way. Also Milis is good workplace for opensource and GNU/Linux enthusiast on our country.

Is it usable yet ?

Milis Linux is beta yet. But some persons in core team use Milis as their daily OS and reported it “stable as hell”. We add some new packages to our software repo almost every day. Packaging is too easy, so we can add requested packages in short times. We work voluntarily in this project, so it depends on number of developer and supporters. You can try it live or install using actual image file on Download page 🙂

How can I support the project ?

We’re waiting for your supports. You’re not necessary to have programming skills for help us.
You can help us also by translate and packaging the softwares, testing and bug reporting, make artworks, etc.
Also you can support us with your comments, blog articles and funds. Or you can recommend our project to Distrowatch 🙂