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Milis Linux Versions

Milis Linux has three 64 bit editions which came with different popular desktop enviroments right now. Xfce4 edition is only edition supported officially. Other DE editions like Mate and Gnome are created for testing purposes and may be outdated. Milis Linux staffs will delete incompatible and outdated images.

Warning: This images will start default in Turkish and not so compatible with English. Sorry for that, we’re working on fixing localization issues.

  1. Milis 1.0 Atilla Xfce4 Edition 64bit (Stable-Rolling Release) (recommended)
  2. Milis 1.0 Atilla Mate Edition 64bit (Stable-Rolling Release)
  3. Milis 1.0 Atilla Gnome Edition 64bit (Beta Release)


You can download faster using mirrors.  You can find detailed information about this in this page.


In live mode, system will login automatically with tempoary user named denemekullanici.

  • root login : root
  • root password : milis

You should update your system after connected to internet with this command:

mps -GG && mps guncelle