Download Milis Linux

Milis Linux Versions

Milis Linux has published 4 versions in 64bit. This versions are beta yet, so we can’t recommend they for daily use. We’ll publish a stabile versions soon.

  1. Milis 1.0 Atilla Xfce4 64bit Beta Uefi supported (Recommended)
  2. Milis 1.0 Atilla KDE5 64bit Beta
  3. Milis 1.0 Atilla MATE 64bit Beta
  4. Milis 1.0 Atilla LXQT  64bit Beta

Md5sum compability checksum file

Login Informations

  • root login : root
  • root password : milis

You should run this command after connect the Internet

mps guncelle

for updating and upgrading the system.

You can find all mirror in: