Milis Linux Git Depo

Milis Linux 1.0 Atilla Xfce4 2018-09-14

2018-09-18 12:34 AM

Milis Linux version 2018-09-14 live image is ready.


Download Milis Linux

Milis Linux Official Git Repo Moved

2018-06-10 2:05 AM
The Milis Linux official git repository has been moved from (1) to (2).
This change can do with that command mps -GG && mps -GG for the Milis Linux users. According to Open Source and National Software philosophy, we will not officially use the Facebook (3) and Twitter (4) accounts because of to be able to progress in a more consistent stance and activity line as an idealized community to produce projects. Although trend social media usage can be widely used is in our country but it should be to try to help usage and developing the most ideal. Our efforts will be in this direction.
Basically, using an application that does not have clear server code is against our principles. Before that, it was because of these reasons that we had to move from Slack to Zulipchat for teamwork. As a result, we will announce our work more effective and productive on And will continue to be used for help. Projects that work more in the federative server mentality will be preferred for social media use (gnusocial, etc).
: You may find some pages about the Milis Linux on Facebook, Twitter, stuffs like that.. since anyone can create pages there. Know that these pages are unofficial and not maintained by Milis Linux, nor did we ask for them to be created.

Kernel Update 4.14.14

2018-01-21 4:31 AM

Milis Linux kernel updated to 4.14.14 version with patching meltdown vulnerability

you can do upgrading with

mps yukselt


mps guncelle && mps -g kernel

After upgrading you can give us feedback in any issue.

(Turkish) Milis Linux 1.0 Atilla Xfce4 2017-12-09

2017-12-10 1:35 AM

09-12-2017 tarihli yeni çalışan-kurulan imaj dosyamız oluşturuldu.



Kernel Update 4.13.12

2017-11-16 10:33 PM

Kernel is updated with hardening patches to 4.13.12 version.
You can update with below commands:
mps yukselt
mps guncelle && mps -g kernel
Any problems after kernel updating,you can ask from page.

Wireguard Vpn Application

2017-11-10 2:57 AM

Wireguard Vpn application is in our package repo.Also we prepared a simple starting video.

Cumhuriyet Bayramı Kutlaması

2017-10-29 2:07 PM

Milis Linux’a destekçi Kurtuluş Savaşı Ruhu ile,
Kurucu Liderimiz Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’ün Cumhuriyeti kurmasıyla
ülkemiz kazanımlarının bilişimde de yılmaz takipçileri olarak
29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramımız kutlu olsun.

Important Announcement: Server change

2017-10-22 1:42 AM

Our dear friend Lucas Sköldqvist’s (frusen),  server is down for a while due technical problems. He provide his server for us long since we start. But we don’t know yet when he fix it or won’t. We don’t know also he support us again if he fix it. Because of unclear status of gungre server, you should use official addresses or mirrors.

You can access our official repo at ISO files and mirror addresses can be found at Download page.

Warning: You can affected this situation if you use legacy versions. We recommend that update your system with the following commands in order to avoid problems.

mps -GG
mps guncelle

then check below line if  /etc/mps.conf  includes.


Milis Linux’ta Ur/Web Programlama Dili Uygulaması-1

2017-06-28 2:37 AM

Ur/web programla dili depomuzda. Web uygulaması geliştirmede değişik bir yaklaşım izlemektedir.Fonksiyonel programlama mantığında html ve javascript için bir üst düzey meta programlama diliyle geliştirme ortamı sunmaktadır. Kaynak kod derlenerek ikili dosya oluşturulabilmektedir,ayrıca statik derlenirse her ortamda bağımlıksız web sunucu hizmeti sağlanabilmektedir.Güvenlik ve hız konusunda iddialı gözükmektedir.Tanıtım amaçlı kısa bir uygulama yaptık.

Kernel Update 4.10.17

2017-06-04 5:14 PM

Milis Linux kernel updated to 4.10.17.

to update kernel version:

mps guncelle

mps -GS

mps sil kernel-lts && mps kur kernel