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Welcome to Milis Linux !

Milis Linux (Milli İşletim Sistemi - National OS) is a project initiated due inadequate developments of the local desktop operating systems in Turkey. It's created with LFS (Linux From Stratch) principles and it has very own package system and original tools.

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Fast & Stable

Milis Linux uses all the capabilities of the Linux kernel on hardware and it has only tested software on its official repository. Also it compiles the softwares for your system, so you can enjoy stability and reliability.


Milis and softwares that come with it are mostly opensource. Thats why you don't worry about backdoors and malwares that steal your data in your system. Vulnerabilities in softwares are patched in short time by opensource & free software communities and volunteers. So, you can enjoy secure computing.

Free as Freedom

You can copy, edit, distrubute even sell Milis Linux as you want. You can use it freely. Read more about your rights on that GNU webpage.

Most Liked Features

Milis Linux şimdiye kadarki dağıtımların sevilen özelliklerini alarak en kullanıcı dostu dağıtım olmayı hedeflemektedir.

Our Original Tools


Komutan is a web-based command manager for Linux that written in Python. With Komutan, you can use it to manage your system in both local and remote. It has two Milis spesific module, MPS and Web-based install. You can install Milis Linux to your harddisk, install package, remove package and upgrade system with this tool soon.


Milisia is Milis Linux' meshnet based secure P2P (Peer to Peer) local network. This tool has secure chat and file transfer features between Milis Linux users.

We're Waiting for Your Supports

Milis‘e destek vermek için programlama bilmek zorunda değilsiniz.
Depoda henüz olmayan yazılımları paketleyerek, yazılım çevirilerine yardımcı olarak,
Milis‘i cihazınızda test edip görüşlerinizi belirterek ya da bağışta bulunarak Milis‘in gelişimine yardımcı olabilirsiniz.